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About the IACUC

The Animal Care and Use Program at The College of New Jersey serves a vital function to: 1) ensure that all vertebrate animals used for research, teaching or demonstration purposes are treated humanely and are provided with facilities that meet the highest standards for animal care; 2) ensure the health and safety of all personnel who work with vertebrate animals, and; 3) ensure that all personnel that participate in the Program are adequately trained to work with these animals.

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is an oversight committee that develops policy and procedures within the Animal Care and Use Program at TCNJ. The purpose of the IACUC is to ensure that TCNJ is in compliance with all applicable federal Animal Welfare Regulations (AWRs) and Public Health Service (PHS) Policy. The committee is composed of at least five members, including a veterinarian, at least one scientist whose research involves animals, and one member from the outside community who has no affiliation with TCNJ. The IACUC meets on a semi-annual basis to critically review the Animal Care and Use Program (to ensure continuous humane care and use of animals), and to inspect both the facilities used to house and care for animals as well as those used to conduct animal research. The IACUC may meet at other times, depending on need. Importantly, the committee reviews all Animal Care and Use Protocols (ACUPs) submitted by TCNJ faculty for compliance with AWR and PHS policy.

Please refer any questions about the IACUC or its functions to the IACUC Chair at